Top 10 Laptops (2016/2017) – Best Laptops Under 30000 INR in India

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Top 10 Laptops (2016/2017) – Best Laptops Under 30000 INR in India

If you are looking for some best laptops under 30000 having excellent performance, then a laptop within 30,000 rupees price tag or less would be available with most of your requirements. Here we will discuss about such laptops from different manufacturers, which are found to be best sellers in the market now.

Best Laptops Under 30,000 INR: –

From 13.3 inches to 15.6 inches everything should be available, as well as a wide range of configuration arrangement. If you can’t find a brand new high-spec laptop within Rs. 30,000 budget range, then you should go back towards time a few years and still get a great flagship laptop that is still a great machine even today, with a surprisingly low price tag.

To help you with your shopping, we have prepared a list of best laptops under 30000 INR price range.

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1.Acer Aspire F5 571-33M2

Acer Aspire F5 571-33M2 Laptop Under 30000

Best Acer Laptop Under 30000

Buy Online Rs. 28990

The Acer Aspire F5 571-33M2 is one of the most popular laptops in our list of best laptops under 30000 INR. This 15.6-inch laptop comes with a 5th Generation Intel Core i3 processor. Along with a 4GB DDR3 RAM, this processor provides an excellent performance in this laptop. The 1 TB HDD included in this laptop provides the users enough space to store all their personal data including movies, music, photos etc. The Aspire F5 571-33M2 also includes the latest Windows 10 Home Operating System. This is a major attraction for the users. This laptop can be a good pick for users who want to purchase an everyday use laptop that comes under 30 K. Below table will help you to have a quick look on the most important features of the Aspire F5 571-33M2.

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2. Lenovo G50-80

lenovo g50 80 Best Gaming & Graphics Laptops Under 30000

Best Gaming & Graphics Laptop Under 30000

Buy Online Rs. 26000

The Lenovo G50-80 is one of the stylish looking laptops which falls in the category of best laptops under 30000 INR. Released as an everyday use laptop, this one has a storage capacity of 1 TB which helps to store most of the user data. The 15.6-inch display has a resolution of 1366 * 768 pixels. The 5th Gen Intel Core i3 processor looks perfect for a laptop at this price. The 4 GB RAM included in the Lenovo G50-80 can be upgraded up to 16 GB.  The additional expansion slots can help you in this task. This laptop comes only with a DOS Operating System and users can load whatever OS they like to have. For users who are looking for a stylish laptop under 30K, can go ahead with this one. Check above table for a quick review of the Lenovo G50-80.

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3.Dell Inspiron 15-3542

dell inspiron 15 3542 best entertainment graphics laptops under 30000

Best DELL Entertainment Graphics Laptop Under 30000

Price: Rs. 30,500

Dell Inspiron 15-3542 laptop has a 15.6-inch display with 1366×768 pixels resolution; which serves the entertainment purpose of the user pretty well. It has an Intel Core i3 CPU variant with 4GB of RAM, expandable. For an enriched entertainment facility, Dell has included MaxxAudio 4 enhanced stereo speakers on this computer. Intel HD Graphics 4400 chip supports the graphics backbone on this computer. There are 2xUSB2.0 and 1xUSB3.0 port. The 1 TB HDD is another good feature of the Dell Inspiron 15-3542. The Operating System included in this laptop is Windows 10 Operating System.

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4. Acer E-5 572G

Acer laptops are one of the most selling laptops that come in the category of best laptops under 30000. The Acer E-5 572G comes with a 4th Generation Intel Core i5 Processor. This is the strongest feature of this phone as it is very difficult to purchase a core i5 laptop at this price. Another good feature of this laptop is the excellent power backup which it can provide. 1 TB HDD and 2 GB RAM makes the configuration part of the Acer E-5 572G looks strong. The inclusion of the 2 GB graphics card is another good feature of this Acer laptop. Users who are ready to use a Linux Operating System can consider this laptop as their choice for next purchase.

Price – 29,900 INR

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Acer Aspire F5 571-33M2

5. Asus X540LA-XX538D

Coming with a 5th Generation Intel Core i3 processor, the Asus X540LA-XX538D can be easily included in the list of best laptops under 30000 INR. The 1 TB storage capacity and the 4 GB DDR3 RAM are some other good features of this laptop. This laptop is coming with a DOS and users can try installing any of the Operating System into it. Like most of the other laptops in this list, this one is also designed as a daily use laptop. Check below table for the list of available features in the Asus X540LA-XX538D.

Price – 25,200 INR

Asus X540LA-XX538D

6. Dell Vostro 3558 Z555103UIN9

Being the strongest laptop manufacturer in the Indian Market, the list of best laptops under 30000 will be incomplete without a Dell Laptop. The Dell Vostro 3558 Z555103UIN9 is a good quality laptop with some excellent features included in it. This laptop has a 4th Gen Intel Core i3-4005U processor and 4 GB DDR3 RAM. Ubuntu Operating System is something that seems to be a little bit concern for the users. However, users who feel uncomfortable with this OS can install another OS as per their requirement.

Price – 27,399 INR

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7. HP 15-AY523TU

HP is another strongest presence in the Indian Laptop Market as a manufacturer of good quality gadgets. The HP 15-AY523TU is an addition to this laptop series. It has a lot of features that makes it a value for money purchase. The 5th generation Intel Core i3-5005U processor is the highlight of this model. This good quality processor makes the users happy with its performance. The Windows 10 Operating System comes preloaded in this laptop and it has 500 GB Storage as well. For more details, check the below table.

Price – 28,850 INR

HP 15-AY523TU

8. HP 15-BE003TU

This is the second HP laptop that we have included in our list of best laptops under 30000 INR. It has fixed its place in this list with some extremely good features. The combination of Intel Core i3 processor and 4GB DDR3 RAM makes the processing part of this laptop quite good. This core i3 processor belongs to the category of 5th Generation. The HP 15-BE003TU is a 15.6-inch laptop which is designed as a daily usage laptop. For more features about this laptop, check the below table.

Price – 28,590 INR

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9. Lenovo Ideapad 100-15IBD 80QQ001XIH

A common trend is seen that users who are looking for best laptops under 30000 INR are largely attracted towards the Lenovo laptops. The reason behind this is the ability of Lenovo to deliver good quality stuff at competitive prices. Lenovo Ideapad 100-15IBD 80QQ001XIH is a very good laptop that will be a good addition to your collection of gadgets. The Windows 10 Operating System is one of the best features of this laptop. A lot of other good features are available on this laptop. Go through the below table to have a quick look on the same.

Price – 26,990 INR

Micromax Alpha LI351568W

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Other Recommended Laptops  Under 30000

Acer Aspire E1-570

acer aspire e1 570 best i3 laptops under 30000

Best ACER i3 Laptop Under 30000

Rs. 29,500

The Acer Aspire E1-570 model is powered by an Intel Core i3 3217 CPU. It’s a third generation unit, yet the features are quite suitable with even today’s standards. The RAM is 4GB with expandability up to 8GB, although there’s no unused slot – user would have to replace the existing RAM. There are 2xUSB2.0 and 1xUSB3.0 ports. Aspire E1-570 model has an optical drive as well. Price: Rs. 29,500.

Dell Inspiron 5558 Notebook

dell inspiron 5558 notebook best graphics laptops under 30000

Best Graphics DELL Laptops Under 30000

Buy Online at Best Price : Rs. 31900

The Dell Inspiron 5558 Notebook generally comes in 15.6 inch display size, some markets might have a similar configuration 14 inch laptop as well. Although the configuration is quite on the higher end, the price really isn’t. This very reasonably priced powerful laptop comes with Intel 5005 Core i3 5th generation CPU clocked at 2.0 GHz clock speed, 4GB of RAM which is expandable up to 16GB using the spare RAM slot and 1TB of hard drive. There’s no additional GPU other than the Intel HD 5000 Graphics memory. It comes with an optical drive as well. The battery lasts up to 7 hours. Price: Rs. 28,989 {Best DELL Graphics Laptops under 30000}.

Acer Aspire E5-573G-380S

acer aspire e5 573g 380s best nvidia graphics laptops under 30000

Best NVIDIA Graphics Laptop Under 30000

Buy it online Price: Rs. 36,626

Acer has already been able to establish the brand name as a student and young executive friendly manufacturer by making great laptops at a comparatively lesser price tag. The Acer Aspire E5-573G-380S laptop comes with a 15.6 inch display with 1366×768 pixels resolution. It has Intel Core i3 5th generation processor with 4GB DDR3 RAM, it could be expanded up to 16GB using the other DIMM slot. Nvidia GeForce 920M has been included in the Acer Aspire E5-573G model as a standard graphic equipment. It is classified as a gaming laptop. Price: Rs. 29,999.



The pricing might vary over different variants of the same model. For the most exact pricing reference, contact your nearest authorized reseller or look up on the manufacturer website with the exact specification we have mentioned.

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