Moto G5 – The Least Rated Moto G Smartphone

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Moto G5 – The Least Rated Moto G Smartphone

The Moto G smartphones always comes with a lot of user expectations on it. Most of the Moto G phones were able to meet that expectations. However, in the case of Moto G5, the situation is a little bit different. Even though it has some good features included in it, still it failed to make the users happy with its performance. Here we will give you a detailed review of Moto G5 with all the Pros and Cons of this phone.

Specs of Moto G5: –

What are the main features included in the Moto G5? Is there any special feature that can force the users to have a try on this phone? The below sheet will give answers to all your queries.

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Moto G5

Detailed Review of Moto G5: –

Even though the Moto G5 comes with an Octa Core processor, the clock speed of it is only 1.4 GHz. Hence the processing speed of this phone is found to be average only. The battery backup of this phone is also a major point of concern. It is not able to make the users satisfied by providing a good power backup for the phone. The display of this phone is something that has found to be of good quality. The Full HD display of Moto G5 is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass v3. The pixel density of 441 ppi & resolution of 1080 * 1920 pixels is best for a smartphone that comes at its price. The presence of the finger print sensor is something that can be considered as a positive feature of this phone.

The thickness of the phone is also a little bit high. This makes it hard for the users to carry it. The performance of the primary camera is very good and has features like Dual LED flash and HD recording. However, the performance of the selfie camera is average only.


Pros and Cons of Moto G5: –

The pros of the Moto G5 can be concluded as before

  1. Good display features
  2. Good rear camera
  3. Android v7.0 Nougat

The cons of this phone are given below.

  1. Average battery backup only
  2. Reported issues of heating at continuous usage.
  3. Selfie camera is not of good quality


Conclusion: –

Even if you are a very strong lover of the Moto G phones, still the Moto G5 can’t satisfy you with its performance. Considering the features of the other phones in this series, it can be said without any doubt that this is the phone with least user rating in the Moto G series. If you are ready to spend an amount of 12,000 INR for a smartphone, you will have a lot of other options than which will be better than this.


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