How To Increase Internet Speed In Mobile And Computer?

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How To Increase Internet Speed In Mobile And Computer?

increase internet speed fastOf course you need to have a sound speed internet connection all the time at your disposal. The moment your internet speed goes down, you get filled with frustration and restlessness. Social media and online calling has turned to be a major part of our lives. Even the fastest internet connection can create glitches thereby making you feel absolutely helpless. In case you are looking forward to enhance your internet speed of your digital gadgets, then do refer following are few ethical hacks for it:

Keep on clearing the cache of your device

clear internet cacheCache memory is the repository of ongoing operations, cookies and minute virus attacks. You must keep getting rid of it if you don’t want to loosen up your internet speed. Even 4G connections can seem to be irritating if your cache memory is full. Hence, go to storage setting and clear the cache memory each day without fearing about losing your data. Cache memory has nothing to do with your stored details. In case of a laptop, you can right click over the screen and select “refresh” in order to fasten up the internet speed.

Select “preferred connection” as 3G on mobile phone

select preferred 3g networkYup, the preferred connection of your phone has to be 3G else you will keep using internet crawlers. In case you have brought 3G sim connection and are yet not getting that speed, then make sure you select this option before panicking. This setting can be accessed from “wireless and network options” of your android phone.

Deactivate imageries if you don’t want them

It’s obviously quite irritating to wait for the images to get downloaded when you instantly need some information access. The imageries consume extra time for the page to get loaded over your screen. In case you feel that images have nothing to do with your needs, then you can shut them off by selecting the option. Most of the fast speeds browsers allow you to do so.

Select fast speed browsers

Download UC BrowserIf you still don’t understand that what a browser has to do with the internet speed, then you will now have your doubts removed. Some of the conceptually built internet browsers such as UC browser and opera mini lets you access fast speed internet at 2G connection. These browsers reduce the actual size of the web pages thereby letting you access fast speed internet all the time. The exceptional browsers not only help you to fasten up your internet speed, but also help you to save a substantial amount of data.

Choose “data restriction mode” from the data setting

how to restrict data usage on mobileThe data restriction mode stops all the apps from consuming your data by running and getting automatically updated. The restrictive data mode lets you spend your data specifically on that app which you are using.  Moreover, it shall tremendously enhance your battery life thereby rejuvenating overall performance of your gadget.

The above mentioned tips are tested and seemed to be successful in solving in majority of the cases. If you are struggling with your data speed, then trying all or any one of them shall fetch you expedient results





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