How to Root Android Phone – Root for Android without PC

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How to Root Android Phone – Root for Android without PC

It is observed that people with less technical backgrounds finds it difficult to root their Android smartphones. They think that it as a heavy task and probably never tries for the same. But the actual case is entirely different. Nowadays certain softwares are available in the market that helps to root Android phone quite easily. Here we are discussing about such a software – KingoRoot. Before going towards the details of the software, we will look into some of the benefits of rooting the phone. The most common situation where people thinks about rooting is the time at which they want to install some incompatible application to their phone. It is also seen that the Android phone rooting blocks the disturbing advertisements that comes in between different applications. Rooting also helps you to remove the unwanted in built softwares that you can’t delete under normal condition.

Apart from the above, there are also a lot of other benefits provided by Android phone rooting. We are not going for a detailed briefing of that. As now you are aware of some of the most common reasons why people root their phone, we will now check how can we root the Android devices. In this section, we will discuss about the most popular way of rooting the android phones i.e. using the KingoRoot.

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Root Android Phone using KingoRoot:  –

KingoRoot apk files are the most commonly used application by users for Android phone rooting. This apk file is readily available to download across the internet. One of the most important benefit of using this application is that it does not requires a connection to PC for rooting the device. This feature makes it the best to root Android phones. Before starting the process of rooting the phone, let’s have a look at the minimum requirements for doing the installation.

Minimum Requirements for installing KingRoot apk: –

  1. Internet connectivity is mandatory. If a WiFi connection is available it will be much better than mobile data connectivity.
  2. 50 % or above battery charge is required. This is to make sure that the phone will not get switched off while the processing is going on. If the phone get switched off in between, then there are chances that the phone will not boot properly thereafter.
  3. Your phone must allow installation of application from unknown sources. This feature can be enabled by going to the security option of your phone inside the settings icon.

Now we will explain the step by step process of how to install the KingoRoot apk file.

Steps to install and use the KingoRoot apk to root Android phone: –

  1. Download the KingoRoot apk file from the official website at
  2. Open the download folder of your phone and install the apk file. It will ask your permission to proceed further. Providing the permission will allow the file to be installed in your phone.
  3. Open the application from your smartphone and select the “one click root” option in it.
  4. Wait for a little time to know the result of the rooting. If the Android phone rooting is succeeded, you will get a success message. Otherwise you will get a failure message. For users who got the failure message, we recommend you try again until you get a success message. Due to some technical reasons, it sometimes requires the users to install the apk files several times to get a success message.

Conclusion: –

This is most easy way to root Android phone and it does not requires any technical skills to perform this task. Any normal user who can operate the Android smartphones can easily install the KingoRoot and perform the rooting. In rare cases, if the users find it difficult to get a success message after continues efforts of running the KingoRoot, they can try with the desktop version of this software. The steps are same as those mentioned above. The only difference is that the KingoRoot software should be installed and run in your PC and your smartphone should be connected to the PC through USB cable. The KingoRoot Software also has the option to remove the Android phone rooting done through it. This option helps you to restore your phone to its previous state, same as before rooting it.


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