Fake GPS APK Free Download-Best Location Spoofer For Android

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Fake GPS APK Free Download-Best Location Spoofer For Android

How many times has it happened that you did not wish to disclose your real location but you got caught   through the GPS tracking services? However, now, you have a full scope of escapism through the very tricky fake GPS app. The app makes your phone appear to be located somewhere else apart from your original location. You can trick people and avoid the critical situations of life with ease. The app can be used for full prank anywhere in the world. Suppose, you have gone for an outing with friends to New York whereas the home town is in London, you can easily pacify your parents and relatives that you are nowhere else apart from your place. The simple idea of fake GPS is flooded with a dramatic potential.

fake gps

The app already has millions of downloads and fans. It changes the location of your phone and makes each app save the fake address so that your location cannot be tracked in any case.

Note: some of the games might get suspended in case you try to play a GPS spoof. If you keep facing glitches with the games of your phone then switch off the fake location and switch on the real one.

How does the fake GPS APK work?

The app must be installed within your phone so that you can prewrite you location. It shall help in pranking social networking friends by adding any of the global locations. Hilariously, you can set America as the prime location of the app without even travelling to it. Subsequently, you can add fabricated pictures and realistic clicks so that it all looks natural!

Users should avoid using the apk on those apps which can detect the fake locations. In order to use the app, you need to disable the android location setting as the initial step. The user interface of fake GPS APK is very friendly. Even the non-technical people can easily use the app without facing any hurdles at all.

The users of fake GPS APK need to follow some basic steps for using the app in their android phones. The application shall take the location that has been given by you. Some of the easiest steps that the app users need to follow include:

  • Download fake GPS APK from the Google play store for free
  • Subsequently, turn on the GPS of your smartphone
  • Visit fake GPS APK pro app and locate you over the map. Here you have work as a location spoofed by manually entering the location within the empty box
  • In case you have a rooted android then the app would work even better in you handset!
  • An orange colored icon which has been located at the top most comer of the app has to be chosen after inputting the fake location
  • Finally the app is ready to be used for all time fun

Key features of the fake GPS location app                                              

  • One can add any location
  • Consumes lower memory
  • All the android versions are duly supported including Marshmallow
  • Option to hide icons
  • One can even operate the app in German, and antisense besides English

Download fake GPS location spoofed              

The android phone or the digital gadget should support at least 2.2 android versions. The original files of     fake GPS APK can be accessed from the play store. In case the app download does not start automatically then the ad blocking plugins have to be disabled.

Fake spoofed pro with Pokémon go download

Fake GPS APK download has helped in over shadowing your original locations.  Any random location can be added to play a prank. The app is a fantastic option to add a phone location at any time you want. It additionally supports non rooted devices in multiple languages.

fake gps with pokemon go

The apk lets you play games at any part of the world you want. There are no issues o glitches that are needed to be faced by the users as such. The fake location generator won’t leave the game inn vein. It continues to show a fake location through the game and gives a greater experience to the user. The Fake GPS APK Pokémon goes works fantastically over the false sites. It also gives a joystick to the users that let them accelerate the screen effortlessly. Ultimately, the app proves the best amongst all and turns your ordinary gaming experience into a world class one.

Fake GPS with Joystick

Call yourself a gamer? There is no doubt you are going to love the Fake GPS App apk. This application is very easy to download and can be found on the internet. Using joysticks to play real time games is a fun task, especially when you get to fool your friends. It comes with the feature of color customization, so you can have your own theme shade. Unlike the other fake location applications offered by Google store, this one is much better when it comes to gaming experience. The application has a user friendly manual so it can be easily handled and used for changing the locations immediately as and when required. Apart from this, there is a Game Mode option which can be used for setting fake locations for the game.

Further to add one more advantage of this app, it is absolutely trouble-free to install and consumes very less memory after installation; so it will not go hard on your phone storage like all the other applications out there. Thus, Fake GPS App improves your gaming experience and takes it to a whole new level, so that you can have the best of everything.


Frequently asked questions

  1. Q) How to download fake GPS APK?
  2. A) You can access the app from the play store. Alternatively, you can download bits APK version from the internet which needs few settings from the users end to be made.


  1. Q) How to use fake GPS APK
  2. A) The app is easy to be used. It can be directly enabled through an orange button after being downloaded from the play store. You just need to input a fake location soon after its installation. With the fake GPS APK, you can prove to be sitting abroad while residing at your home itself!
  1. Q) Does the app incur any charges?
  2. A) No, there are no charges that are needed to be paid for downloading or using the app. it’s free and nice!
  1. Q) What versions of operating systems that the fake GPS app supports
  2. A) It supports all versions of android that are 2.2 and up. It can be downloaded in marshmallow and subsequent versions.
  1. Q) Does it hinders the gaming experiences
  2. A) Some of the games that do not support fake GPS features may not work on the app download. However, the ones which support the features will give an enhanced user experience. And, the same goes with the apps. The ones which support fake GPS will continue to work. Whereas the one which have do not support the app may temporarily stop working.
  1. Q) How many languages do it supports?
  2. A) The app supports English, Japanese and German
  1. Q) What are the special features of the app during the game play?
  2. A) The game supports joystick and enhanced gaming experience especially with the Pokémon go series.
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