Download Official Freedom Apk latest Version v1.6.9

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Download Official Freedom Apk latest Version v1.6.9

Freedom APK v1.6.9 is an Android application which will give you a chance to open the exceptional elements of prevalent amusements free of cost. The high profile graphics and exceptional sound quality are simply alluring. Clearly, this is a hacking device that bypasses the credit checking arrangement of Google Play and uses a fake Visa to pay for the exceptional components. The fake credit card has no credit stacked but the application can induce Play Store that genuine cash was paid.
On the off chance, you are an Android client then it is the exceptionally valuable application for you. You can purchase any game’s coins and autos and so on which are not accessible free on Google play store. With the assistance of freedom APK no root you can purchase free game credits. So if you are an Android gaming darling, then it is exceptionally useful for you. Furthermore, the best thing of opportunity APK is that it is free for all. It’s not accessible on play store, but rather you can download Freedom APK. It has excessively numerous elements like you can purchase any diversion paid pearls free, or you can similarly make any application in-application buy free.
These days, each client likes to purchase premium things in any application or amusement. However, they don’t have the worldwide charge card. On the off chance, you have to make Google Wallet record to buy any premium/paid thing from play store. Similarly, you require a global charge card to make Google wallet account.

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Freedom App Features

Freedom APK offers a ton of splendid and helpful components and alternatives to its clients. It is astounding how one application is so splendidly outlined and built up that it without any help figures out. How to offer the usefulness of 3-4 applications combined? Here are the major and most discernible elements of Freedom APK.
• Completely controls most Android amusements and applications.
• Get coins, pearls and premium stuff in diversions for nothing.
• Gives you a chance to apply diverse fixes on games and tune-up them.
• Make In-App buys for nothing.
• Good with an expansive number of Android diversions and applications.

Who can use Freedom Apk Files?

There are certain things that you should be aware of before trying to install the Freedom Apk files. They are the mandatory requirements for installing it into your smartphones. The most important thing is that only a rooted Android device can support the proper installation of Freedom Apk. So, if you want to install this Apk file, the first thing you should do is to root the phone, if it is already not rooted. Once you are ready with a rooted device, you have covered the major part of the requirement. The Freedom Apk can be installed in devices with Android version 2.3 (Ginger board) and above. This is something that is not to be worried of as the Ginger Board OS is quite old and most of your devices will possess an OS version latest than that. 512 MB RAM and 100 Mb internal storage are the other requirements for installing the Freedom Apk and these features should be available in all the latest Android devices. So, no need to worry about them. If you feel that your phone fulfills all the above requirements, you are now ready to enjoy one of the best Apk files available for Android Smartphones.

How to download Freedom APK?

You can’t download Freedom APK from Google Play store. But, you can download the APK document from different sources and introduce the application specifically.


01. You can introduce Freedom APK in all Android gadgets. The most recent adaptation should work in Android Marshmallow and Nougat as well. In any case, the significant thing is to have root access. In the event, your gadget is not rooted and you don’t know how to root, we recommend you to search for a rooting instructional exercise on the web and root your gadget. A rooted Android can do significantly more than its default setup.
02. When you have rooted your gadget, you are prepared to introduce Freedom APK. To start with, install the downloaded files in your gadget. On the off chance, you have downloaded the file on your PC, transfer the document to your phone. Presently, go to the Settings of your phone and permit Installation from obscure sources in the Security segment. You are presently permitted to introduce applications from APK records (without utilizing Google Play Store).
03. Utilize your telephone’s file manager to find the Freedom APK document you just downloaded (or exchanged from your PC). Open the document. This may demonstrate to you a notice message, request root access and so forth. Tap on “OK” for these. Freedom will be introduced in your gadget.

How to overcome the “no connection” error in Google Play Store after installing the Freedom Apk ?

A lot of people have come up with the complaint that they are getting a “no connection” error while trying to download the in -app purchases from Google Play Store after installing the Freedom Apk. Most of them concluded that the Freedom Apk file is useless and stopped using it. The reason is that they are not aware about the work around for this problem. Here we will explain you the solution for this problem which will make you feel how simple it is. Open the file manager of your smartphone where you can edit the system files. If your phone lacks such a file manager you can download ES file Explorer which can help you in this task. Now open the root directory of the phone and select the folder named “System”. There you can find an “etc” folder, inside of which contains the “hosts” file.

A lot of you people having good knowledge of Windows operating system might have seen the same file in your computers and laptops as well. The file serves the same purpose there and here in your smartphones. Now you have the option to edit the “host” file, with the help of the downloaded ES File Explorer. The only thing that you should do is to insert the line “ localhost” into the file and then save and close it. For making this command to come into effect, you should clear the data on the Google Play Store. You can do it by opening the Application Manager from your phone’s setting and selecting the Google Play Store. There you will get the option to clear data. After doing it restart your phone once and you are now ready to download things from Play Store without any error message.

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