Best Laptops Under 40000 INR in India| Buy Laptops With the Best Features

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Best Laptops Under 40000 INR in India| Buy Laptops With the Best Features

Like smartphones, laptops have also become a necessary gadget for a large number of users. But selecting the best one from a huge list of available laptops will be a very challenging task for them. The unawareness on the points to be checked while purchasing the laptop makes this task even harder for the majority of the people. To support the users in this situation, we are here providing the list of best laptops under 400000 INR. This includes laptops from different manufacturers that are found to be the best sellers in the market right now. Her you can find the laptops with good processing speed and RAM capacities. You can also find laptops with large storage capacity and good display features. We are sure that this list of best laptops under 40000 is enough to satisfy the users with their various requirements.

Best Laptops under 40000 INR in India -2017: –

Why laptops under 40,000, even though laptops are available with prices starting much lower than this rate? This might be the first doubt that comes into the mind of the users when heard about the list of best laptops under 40000. Yes, laptops are available in the market with prices starting from just below 20,000 INR. But the features of those laptops are also so limited that you can’t expect to play some high-end games in it. You also can’t expect some good processing speed or storage capacity in it. You can assume that with the increase in price, the performance of the laptop will also get better.

For a user who likes to use the laptop as a normal daily usage gadget, it is better to purchase a laptop that will be available at a price tag of around 40K. At this price, you will get a laptop with some extremely good features and astonishing looks as well. They will be coming with good processing speeds and includes all required connectivity options. They can have good graphics facility for playing games without any lagging issues. So, if you are considering for the purchase of a laptop and is available with a budget of 40K, you can consider our list of best laptops under 40000 INR. If your budget is low and wants to buy a laptop under 30K, check our section of Best Laptops Under 30,000 INR.

From the largest collection of laptops available at this price, we have done a lot of research and filtered the best ones among them. Each one of the laptop in this list has its own strongest part. You can select the one that meets your maximum requirements. So, let us start with the review of the Best Laptops Under 40000 INR.

1.Acer TravelMate P2

This is one of the best laptops under 40000 Rupees released by Asus. You can go through the above table for all the important features of the Acer TravelMate P2. Apart from that, they have some more good features as well. The 4 Cell battery of this laptop is one of the most important among them. The 2 memory slots provide the users with the option to upgrade the RAM capacity up to 32 GB if required. The HDD also looks good with an RPM of 5400. The HD LED Backlit Display of the Acer TravelMate has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixel. The connectivity part is also complete with features like the WIFI, Bluetooth & Ethernet. Coming with the highest version of Core i5 processor and the best graphics card, this laptop can really make its user happy.

acer TravelMate P2

2.HP 15-Ay008tx


HP 15-Ay008tx

As we all know, the HP laptops are one of the largest selling laptops in India. Our list of best laptops under 40000 also includes some HP laptops in which the HP 15-Ay008tx is considered to be one of the best among them. The HD anti-glare WLED-backlit display of this laptop has a resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels which is found to be the best at this price. The SATA HDD with an RPM of 5400 & the 2 GB graphic cards are some other features of the HP 15-Ay008tx. It also has all the required connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Ethernet & Bluetooth. Compared to the other laptops in this list of best laptops under 40000 INR, the weight of HP 15-Ay008tx is a little bit high. However, HP tried to compensate this with the inclusion of a lot of other good features.

Check below table for more specs of this laptop.

3.Acer E5-575G

Acer E5-575G

This laptop is designed for daily use and is found to be with very good gaming skills. You can check the most important features of this laptop in the above table. This will help you to understand why we have included this laptop in our list of best laptops under 40000 INR. This laptop can be considered as the best option for users who wants to use laptops to conduct web meetings or video calling. It is the HD webcam of the Acer E5-575 G that helps in this task. It also supports upgrading of RAM up to 32 GB which can be considered if you want to increase the speed of your work. Connectivity features also look perfect for this laptop along with a battery that can provide you with good power backup. The performance of this laptop is found to be above the user expectations.

4.Asus X541UV-XO029D

Asus X541UV-XO029D

This Notebook laptop released by Asus has some really good features that helped it to make it possible to be counted in the list of best laptops under 40000 INR. All the major features of the Asus X541UV-XO029D are included in the below table for a quick view. Apart from them, it has a lot of other features as well that requires some special mentioning. The display of this laptop is one of the most important among them. This HD LED Backlit Display with a resolution of 1366 * 768 pixels can be considered to be extremely good at a price of 40K. This laptop is designed for daily usage and comes with a CD/DVD writer also. The Intel processor with 2.3 GHz clock speed looks perfectly good in the Asus X541UV-XO029D.

5.Lenovo Ideapad 310

Lenovo Ideapad 310

Lenovo laptops hold a major share of the Indian laptop market now, with the release of some exceptionally good quality stuff. Lenovo Ideapad 310 is one among them which is now really making waves in the market. For an easy view for the readers, we have included the major features of this laptop in the below table. It is the gaming feature of the Ideapad 310 that is found to be the best feature we of this laptop. The HDD with 5400 RPM & the DDR4 RAM with expansion option up to 12 GB makes this laptop easily get selected in the list of best laptops under 40000 INR. Lenovo has included all the connectivity options in this laptop along with the inclusion of all the different type of ports required by the users. This laptop can anyway be a good pick for you.

6.Dell Inspiron 3567

Compared to the i5 processors in most of the other laptops in this list of best laptops under 40000, the Dell Inspiron 3567 has an i3 processor only. But the overall performance of this laptop does not show any difference with the others on the list. The HD Webcam of this laptop with 720p HD Recording is one of the best in the class. The 15.6 inch LED display of this phone supports resolution up to 1366 x 768 pixels. The MS Office 2016 Home & Business which comes as preloaded in this laptop will be considered as a very good advantage of the Dell Inspiron 3567. It fulfills almost all the requirement of a user searching for a good daily use laptop under 40000. Go through the above table to check the details of the major features in this laptop.

Dell Inspiron 3567

7.Lenovo G50-80: –

Lenovo G50-80

Yet another Lenovo laptop that has fixed its place in the top list of best laptops under 40000, the Lenovo G50-80. Designed as a daily use laptop, this one can easily make the users in the home segment happy. For the users who want to play high-end games on their laptops, the Lenovo G50-80 can be a good choice. The 8 GB RAM included in this laptop seems sufficient to perform as per the user expectation and hence no expansion slot is included for RAM expansion. The presence of HD Webcam & CD/DVD writer are some other remarkable features of this Lenovo laptop. Lenovo has included almost all the required ports in this laptop for the users including HDMI. For more details on the features of Lenovo G50-80, refer the below table.

8.HP 15-AY543TU: –

The HP laptop raises a lot of expectations in the mind of the users and most of the time they are found to be able to meet those expectations. The HP 15-AY543TU is also such a laptop that comes with an HD webcam which supports high-quality video calls. The 4 Cell 65 W battery of this laptop is also quite good and provides excellent backup for this device. The processing speed is also found to be very good in the HP 15-AY543TU. The requirement of increased speed can be achieved through the expansion of RAM through the additional slot if required. This laptop is available in the Silver color variant and includes all the required ports for the users. For a more detailed review of all the features included in this laptop, check the below table.

HP 15-AY543TU

9.Dell Inspiron 5559: –

Dell Inspiron 5559

This Dell Laptop coming with preloaded Windows 10 Home Operating System is designed for daily usage. The 2.3 GHz processor and enough storage space are some of the highlights of the Dell Inspiron 5559. It is seen to be used by both the business class and users from the home sectors as well. Provided with a USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports, this laptop allows faster data transfer between your devices. The HD LED Backlit Display is something that requires special mentioning. The Internet connectivity options are also complete with the presence of Wi-Fi & Ethernet port. The Intel Integrated Graphics provides a good performance that helps to overcome the lack of dedicated graphics. The complete details of the major features of Inspiron 5559 are given above in the table. This will prove the presence of this laptop in our list of best laptops under 40000 INR.

10.HP 15-AY513TX

HP 15-AY513TX

The HP 15-AY513TX is a good quality laptop which is found to be getting a very good review from the existing users. The reason behind this is the presence of some of the best features in it as a daily usage laptop. This laptop has one of the best gaming features among all the different laptops included in this list of best laptops under 40000 Rupees. The dedicated graphics play a vital role in this task. This daily use laptop includes a CD/DVD writer which helps users to play the media and write their files to CD/DVD as well. This is one of the lightweight laptop released by HP at this price. The connectivity part of the HP 15-AY513TX is also able to satisfy the users. Ports like the HDMI which is included in this laptop can help the users to connect their laptops to the latest Smart TVs.

So, that is our list of best laptops under 40000 Rupees. We know that there are certainly other models of laptops available at this price with some very good features. But in our effort to provide the users with the top list, we are mentioning only the top 10 laptops. Another point that requires your attention is the presence of some laptop that costs just above the price tag of 40,000 INR. As most of the online websites and shops sell the laptops with a fixed percentage of discount during festival sales, these laptops can be purchased at a less price tag.



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